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06 March 2009 @ 10:20 pm
Here are some "Devil Wears Prada" images roiworld style. I had a lot of fun with these:

And another one from Enchanted, I loved that movie and Amy Adams.

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12 February 2009 @ 10:30 pm
Inspired by the meme on The Devil Wears Prada Community.

Title: iTunes Challenge
Author: dreamadour
Pairing: Miranda/Andy, others
Disclaimer: Don't own them
Rating: PG
Notes: English is not my first language. Also this is unbetaed, so all mistakes are my own.

Akina Nakamori – Moonlight Shadow

 Every time I deliver the Book I hope I get a glimpse of you… but that almost never happens.  If I was allowed to give it directly in to your hands, make my presence known, that would make my day.

 I’ll gladly wait until the long hours of the night, when the moon is high to retrieve that holy Book just to the promise of seeing you, the real you. Not Miranda Priestley, fashion icon, but the woman behind all that… sometimes in a robe, sometimes with your daughters, real… alive…

 …I live in hope…


Yuna Ito – These boots are made for walking

Yes, I changed. I’ve come to accept and embrace it. So what!. Is so bad to change? Evolve.  The whole lot of you are the same since we where in middle school… That should tell you something …

I want to succeed, be someone in this life. Why would you want to stop me? Hold me back from my dreams.  It’s hard, you say? Of course it is, the best things in life are always hard.

So I’m sorry if I left you all behind, I have a life to catch on…


Hikaru Utada - Addicted to you

It’s been 3 years, and people keep asking why are you still here. You could be working at any magazine, even here at Runway. Your own department, you are perfectly capable of doing it.

But no… as long as she allows it, I’ll be by her side. No matter the task, no matter the harsh words and cold stares… as long as she needs me, I’ll be here every morning with a searing hot Starbuck, magazines in perfect place, my hands  waiting for her bag an coat…

 There would be more silly assistants, some fashionables, some not… but as long as she wants me, I’ll remain the first.


Yu Yamada   Eyes on me

I’m tempted to leave this office backwards, just to catch her on the act. Well, in a more blatant act, since she is smug enough to ogle me even at my face.

I should say something, and then of course run for cover.

Tell her to stop caressing me with her eyes, stop making me shiver at odd times. I have run out of excuses for Emily every time she sees the full-blown blush on my face. 

If I was a little suicidal I’ll ogle back, a taste of her own medicine.  And sometimes I think it’s not so crazy idea, make her feel as hot as I have felt every time she looks my way. But then she opens her mouth…

 Hot and cold, that’s my daily weather report.


Ashley Tissdale – Kiss the Girl

Every mermaid in the seven seas knew that the surface was a forbidden territory… she could be banished, punished by her father the great King… But that did not matter to Andy, she was obsessed with that world.

…Dancing!- she thought dreamily.

Her dear friend Nigel , swimming by her side, kept trying to stop her. What she was about to do, who she was going to meet was dangerous.  The witch of the sea, an enigmatic figure, could make your dreams come true but the legend told that whoever came upon her presence lost their most precious possession.

 Andy realized that was the absolute truth, since the moment she set eyes on Miranda she lost her heart.

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20 January 2009 @ 09:29 pm

My first ever Fanart!

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